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Selection Of Yarn

We believe that the quality of our products depends on the quality of our raw materials, that’s why we only buy yarn from certified standard mills. To ensure our items are as comfortable as they look, we use 100% pure cotton yarns, and also 100% organic cotton yarns where appropriate. We also work with viscose, acrylic, polyester and linen upon request.


Our goods have outstanding flavors thanks to the premium colorants we utilize. Uneven colouring is avoided by the seamless dyeing method. The fact that all of our items retain their color even after several washings is also a result of the high caliber of the dyes.
Additionally, we make sure that our products don’t include any hazardous chemicals or dyes. For all of our color-based goods, both organic and non-organic (all free of formaldehyde and azo compounds), we collaborate with our partners to employ cabinet, jigger and cheese machines.

Weaving And Processing

We work with our partners to produce fabrics such as checks, stripes, dobby and jacquard using power looms and automatic looms (hand looms if required). All looms are identified and inspected by our Quality Assurance team to maintain impeccable standards. Our talented weavers are passionate about creating intricate honeycomb weaves, diverse design patterns and stunning jacquard designs.


Inspection of incoming raw materials (fibers, yarns, dyes, chemicals) for quality, consistency and compliance to specifications. Evaluation of fabric construction such as yarn count, fabric weight, warp and weft density, weave pattern, and fabric width. Testing of colour fastness to washing, rubbing, perspiration, light exposure, and other relevant factors. Determining how much the fabric will shrink or expand when washed, dried, or exposed to other conditions.


We are proficient in both manual and machine printing in both organic and non-organic. We design patterns using CAD, and print them using hi-tech printers. Our printers are capable of high-quality rotary printing, digital printing and screen printing. Colour and light fastness in printing are guaranteed by test reports from certified labs.


We use both computer-assisted machine and hand embroidery techniques, which allow us to add extra value and perfection to intricate designs according to your requirements. Textile embroidery is the meticulous art of applying intricate stitches to decorate fabrics. Beginning with the creation and digitization of the design, after the fabric has been stabilized and stretched, the embroidery machine carefully stitches out the pattern using a variety of stitch types and thread colors. Quality checks ensure accuracy, followed by trimming, finishing and possibly post-processing steps.

Cutting and Sewing

Having a centralized cutting section with a combination of dedicated tailors and state of-the-art sewing machineries in place, we craft the finest creations. We emphasize on delivering exceptional and optimal quality products; hence our supervisors ensure that there are no shortcomings.


Our products are inspected by professional quality control personnel at every stage of production to ensure they meet AQL standards using airport control system technique (metal detection). Fabrics are tested after processes such as printing, dyeing and weaving to ensure that the parameters (dimensional stability, color fastness and appearance after washing) are within limits.


All products are thoroughly inspected before final packaging and packed according to the customer’s instructions. Our talented and motivated team will carefully fill and pack your products. We ship the goods on time, taking into account the location and legal requirements. We mostly use the Chennai Port and Tuticorin Port for exports.

A certified export house accredited by the Government of India

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